Path: tests/oasis.rb
Created: Sun Jan 06 22:39:14 EST 2002
Modified: Wed Nov 28 13:56:00 EST 2001

The original version of this script was by TAKAHASHI Masayoshi <maki@inac.co.jp> and can be found at www.jin.gr.jp/~nahi/RWiki/?cmd=view;name=xmlconftest

One big thing I've changed is that this script does not read the XML files into a string. This way, we can follow external references to other files. If you slurp the XML into the string and feed NQXML the string, it has no way of knowing where the file resides and it can't follow the external reference.

Required files
getoptlong    nqxml/streamingparser   
fail_num    success_num   
Classes and Modules
Class XMLConf
Public Instance methods