Path: release.rb
Created: Sun Feb 10 14:42:29 EST 2002
Modified: Sun Feb 10 14:42:29 EST 2002

Copyright (c) 2001-2002 by Jim Menard <>

Released under the same license as Ruby. See

This script gathers everything needed to release NQXML into one directory and, if requested, publishes the contents to the NQXML Web site.


      release.rb [--publish, -p]

Specifying --publish or -p causes the resulting files to be published to the Web site.

Required files
net/ftp    ftools    generateManifest    nqxml/info    net/ftp   
copyFiles    ensureVersionInFile    rmDirectory    sendToWebSite   
Public Instance methods
copyFiles(fromDir, toDir, match=nil)

Copies all files from `fromDir' into the release directory. Sets the permissions of all files to 0644. We don't want scripts to be executable because they are only examples we are putting up on the Web site.


Recursively removes the contents of a directory.

sendToWebSite(ftp, releaseDir, webDir)

Recursively sends files and directories.

ensureVersionInFile(fileName, regex)